Montpellier with Sally 2-5 June 2008

My intrepid travelling companion in India last year, and my very dear friend, Sally, came down to Montpellier for the last four days. As she arrived on Monday late in the afternoon and we left on the TGV together early on Thursday morning, we had to make the most of our two full days. Continue reading


Montpellier 9 May to 5 June 2008

The Eurostar to Paris, that I booked, left St Pancras just before 9.00 a.m. This was an easy time of day, outside the rush hour, and involved a short tube ride from Kate and Bret’s apartment in Maida Vale. Having given Suzi her backpack, left my mallet with Kate and my croquet gear with Julie, the travelling was really easy and when there were steps and no escalators or lifts, there always seemed to be a kind person who’d help me with my big case. Continue reading

Montpellier with Julie 24-31 May 2008

Julie, my lovely middle daughter, spent the week of 24-31 May with me, travelling a tortuous route from St Pancras to Montpellier via all sorts of stops because of the Bank holiday. It was apparently even worse on her return journey with a four hour wait in Avignon. However, contrary to what we’d experienced here weather-wise, the sun shone in Avignon on her return journey so she managed to sit outside while she waited for her connection, and enjoy some well-earned Vitamin D. Continue reading