London 7 September 2008

Undoubtedly the greatest excitement during my last two weeks in London was provided when Kate and Bret successfully purchased a house in Queens Park. With the grandies growing fast, the need for a garden and more space were becoming more and more important. And it’s only a short distance from their current apartment so won’t involve a change of school – thank goodness. Continue reading


London 18-21 June 2008

It’s always good to spend time with Kate and the family in London. This year the visits seem to have been all too scarce. But it was great to get onto their WiFi with my lap top and have unlimited internet access to catch up with some of my backlog. I’m spending so much quality time living my life at the moment that there isn’t much time left to write about it! Continue reading

London 5-6 June 2008

Sally and I had an excellent journey back to London – via Lille again. We’d actually booked separately so thought there’d be no chance of enjoying the journey together. The Eurostar and TGV give everyone specific seats and inspectors come through the trains to make sure you have your ticket and that you’re sitting where you’re supposed to be. But as it happened, both of us had spare seats beside us so we moved and the inspectors were very relaxed about it.

Continue reading

London 8 May 2008

Heathrow in the early morning is a really easy airport to negotiate and customs and baggage collection were very quick. I had such a lot of luggage. As well as my large case, my cabin bag, my lap top, my handbag and my mallet, I’d also brought a back pack for Suzi who’d left New Zealand on her OE with just one huge pack for her travels around Asia and Europe before she arrived in London. She was getting a little short of clothes! Continue reading