New York 6 May 2008

Tuesday was disappointing because it’s my opinion that the Met isn’t half as impressive as the Natural History Museum. But that’s only my opinion. Continue reading


New York 5 May 2008

I went to New York in 2007 for five days so I knew what I wanted to see a second time. I took the subway uptown to 79th Street and headed straight for the Museum of Natural History, the front entrance of which is on 81st Street on the western edge of Central Park. Continue reading

New York 1 May 2008

Some people have expressed the opinion that to embark on a five month trip overseas, alone, might be a little foolhardy. Not to mention the carbon footprint of all that air travel! I confess that there are certainly moments when it’s a little daunting. But overcoming the daunting moments provides an enormous sense of satisfaction. And being a ‘slightly older’ woman alone has great compensations when it comes to being offered assistance! So – nothing ventured, nothing gained … Continue reading