London 30 August to 6 September 2009

Back home again we laid some boards in the attic and carried quite a few boxes up there to make more room downstairs. Continue reading


London 7-14 May 2009

Does everyone get exhausted getting ready to go away? Or is it just me? I’d been trying for about six months to organise a date for an advanced driving test (it’s good to check that bad habits haven’t crept in, especially as one gets older!). Numerous emails hadn’t borne fruit until, you guessed it, a week before I left, when the examiner suggested a time of 11.00 a.m., on the day of departure! What could I do? I’d been working so hard to get the date, and one of the purposes of passing the test was to give reasons to Kate’s insurance company to put me on their policy without increasing the premium! So it really had to be done before I left! Phew! Test over, mission accomplished, and only just enough time to drop my car off with Eric, who’d kindly agreed to garage and drive it while I’m away, and for Ken to very kindly drive me to the airport! Continue reading