2010 This was the year that three good friends visited me from England and we toured throughout New Zealand for several weeks.  From May onwards I visited Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Long Beach and Malibu In the States, Brittany, Frejus, St Raphael, St Tropez and Verneuil in France, the Cinque Terre, Como, Genoa, La Spezia, Milan, Santa Margherita and Turin in Italy, and Budleigh Salterton, places in Hertfordshire and Kent, Little Compton, London and Nottingham in England.


London 10-30 September 2010

The first few days of this visit were spent frantically putting the finishing touches to the book. Emails with last minute edits were flying across the world between Anne and me at alarming speed. Her ability to make instant changes made my head spin with gratitude. After six days of really hard work I had to give the final sign off and ask Anne to send everything to the printers. Now I sit on my hands and wait until I get back to New Zealand and can hold the real thing in my hands. Phew! Continue reading

Kent 22-26 August 2010

I spent Saturday morning catching up with edits of the four chapters that Anne had sent and then set off for Orpington in Kent to spend four days with Suzi. She was in great form and met me at the station in her little red banger. We did a grocery shop and she cooked a lovely meal while we chatted. In the evening we watched a very light-hearted DVD called The Holiday with Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black. It was funny and very relaxing. Continue reading

Waterford 16-21 August 2010

Kate dropped us all off, Suzi returned to Kent, and I packed to go to Amanda’s the next day. Kate very kindly picked me up to take me to register with her Surgery but registrations had to happen between 2.00 and 6.00 daily and it was only 9.00 am. And they wouldn’t take my blood pressure unless I was registered. They gave us a list of walk-in clinics but only one was outside the congestion zone and that one was under construction and wouldn’t open for another month. Continue reading