London 10-30 September 2010

The first few days of this visit were spent frantically putting the finishing touches to the book. Emails with last minute edits were flying across the world between Anne and me at alarming speed. Her ability to make instant changes made my head spin with gratitude. After six days of really hard work I had to give the final sign off and ask Anne to send everything to the printers. Now I sit on my hands and wait until I get back to New Zealand and can hold the real thing in my hands. Phew! Continue reading


London 1-4 September 2010

Back in Queens Park I found a very excited Kate, packed and ready to spend five days with Bret in Venice, courtesy of his company. They’d been sending him to work in Milan so much while his parents were visiting that they decided to try and make amends. Continue reading

London with Kate and family 1-18 July 2010

And now I could look forward to three lovely weeks of living and working alongside Kate and family and all the activities that entails. Their ‘ruin’ of late 2008, which gradually took shape during the whole of 2009, was now nearly complete. They’ve both worked so hard on it and would dearly like to see it finished. It’s been an enormous project. Continue reading