London 1-9 September 2012

There were still more highlights to enjoy during my last few days in London. The first was a visit to The Globe Theatre – a treat for me from all three girls – to see the Taming of the Shrew. In all my years living in England I’d never been to The Globe so this was a very special treat. We walked along the banks of the Thames, had a leisurely meal and sat in very good seats to enjoy an excellent performance. We even saw Judi Dench who was sitting not far away.

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London 4-16 July 2012

I got back to London on Wednesday evening because Kate and Bret had won an allotment of two tickets to the Centre Court at Wimbledon for Thursday – the women’s semi-finals day. Unfortunately their seats were in the very back row so they couldn’t see much but they enjoyed the ambience of Wimbledon generally and were luckier than many who had tickets on the outside courts and missed out because of the rain. Continue reading

London 18-21 June 2012

So back to my home away from home, but not for much longer. It looks highly likely the Cade family will be moving to Sydney by Christmas. Bret is likely to transfer to his company’s head office in Sydney. They have very mixed feelings about it all but are looking at all the advantages. And they’ll be a lot closer to New Zealand!

But it was very good to have a few days with them all before setting off yet again, this time for a weekend in Paris!